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Tear Free Shampoo Base - Unscented

Tear Free Shampoo Base - Unscented
Tear Free Shampoo Base - Unscented
Tear Free Shampoo Base - Unscented
Tear Free Shampoo Base - Unscented
Tear Free Shampoo Base - Unscented
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Shampoo made just for our most delicate customers!

 No harsh detergents to irritate sensitive eyes or skin.

Tear-Free What could be more delicate than baby's hair and skin? The eyes. Babies do not have normal tear secretions to protect their eyes from irritants. That's why they need a very special shampoo. Our Tear-Free Shampoo is made from a very special combination of ingredients which during normal use will not irritate the delicate skin or eyes.

Irritant-free, tear-free and colorant free.

Doesn't it seem that like oil and water, bathing and kids just do not mix. It is hard enough to get them in the tub, with our mild Tear free Shampoo formula it's one less thing to worry about. Bring the fun back into bathing! Our tear-free formula gently cleanses, and rinses easily to leave baby's hair squeaky clean! We have taken the worry of soap in the eyes, but you still have to clean it up from the walls and all over the floor. Talk about fun!


Those who have tried it love it

Gentle enough for daily use, this pH-balanced formula is great. It is easy to work with and mixes easily with fragrance or essential oils. We use the mildest of surfactants that are designed for sensitive skin. It also contains Panthenol pro Vitamin B5 a penetrating moisturizer that aids in skin repair. The base can also be used as a mild body wash. It is fully preserved and stable to give you years of shelf life.



© Specifically designed for kids.
© Irritant-free, tear-free and colorant free.
© Gently and thoroughly cleanses.
© Rich, low suds, lather rinses away easily.
© Vitamin enriched Panthenol B5.
© ph balanced.
© Easily customized.
© Cruelty free product
© Quality Ingredients
© Small Batch Production
© From a source you can trust


We are confident that not only will you enjoy it, but so will your customers.
Our Tear Free shampoo is a wonderful addition to any product line
add it to yours today!

You are viewing the Unscented Tear Free Shampoo Base - Also available Scented by clicking HERE.

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Essentials By Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility. We encourage everyone to sample prior to committing to larger quantities. This allows for an opportunity test the product for performance, compatibility, and safety.

MSDS Tear Free Shampoo Base

* Use up to 1% fragrance or essential oil to 128 ozs of Gel Base.
* For an 8oz bottle of base  use up to 28 drops of scent
* For a 4oz bottle of  base use up 14 drops of scent.

* Some oils are stronger than others, always start with half  the amount and work your way up.

* Base can be hand or machine mixed. Stove top heating is not recommended.

* FD&C colorants may be used as desired. If bubbles are colored you have used too much colorant, bubbles must remain clear. 

* Too much colorant or fragrance will cloud  and thin the product.

* Add your colorant at the same time you add the scent oil that way you only mix it once. Do not use  colorants that contain sodium(salt). We recommend using powder colorants or pigments because some liquid colorants may contain sodium.

* Most of the cloudiness when mixing is caused by microscopic air bubbles.  Allowing the finished base to sit for 24 hours should clear it up.

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