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Awesome Body Mist (7/20/2016)
This is a very good body mist that holds the scent and makes you skin feel awesome.

Yvonne - Los Angeles
Works Great (4/4/2016)
I have mixed essential oils and fragrance oils with this base and all have come out perfectly. The scent stays for long periods of time and never morphs into a rotten scent.

Andrea - CA
Excellent Body Spray Base (12/6/2015)
I love the body spray base. It mixes with both fragrance and colorant quickly and easily. This base keeps the fragrance long lasting on the skin. One of my fragrances lasted close to 12 hours on my skin!!! This is my first time buying from EBC and I am going to continue buying from this company. Their prices can't be beat, their packaging is excellent, their customer service amazing and their products are over the top. I'm glad I took a chance and bought from EBC.

Rita - Iowa/USA
body mist (11/8/2014)
this is a very easy to use hold fragrance and color well just shake . very nice to add to my sets , refreshing . thank you ebc

tracie orwig - california
Fabulous!! (4/28/2014)
This base is awesome!! I have never used a spray that the FO/EO incorporates immediately and is perfectly clear. Love it long, long lasting

Cindy - Illinois
the best (10/9/2013)
i use tis in my line i call it bai i put salts with it bt petals i have gevn w testers away the luv luv check me out on saisetv on you tube belynne bez or on ebay bandnu22

belynne bez - texas
Great price for this base. (5/17/2011)
Incorportates scents very well. Very simple to make.

Lyn - Alabama
Body Spray Base (6/24/2010)
This base is fabulous!!! No work!! I can make my sprays right in the bottle. Sure to be a hit.

Kathy - California / USA
Absolutely Amazing (5/27/2010)
This is the very first body spray base I've ever used and I am stunned. I added a few drops to a bottle with some base, shook it, and voila, I have perfume. I can't believe it.

Jen - California