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Argan Hair Shine Serum (6/7/2016)
Great product, a small amount goes a long way. I have always used Chi and find that this product works. Will buy again.

Joan - Las Vegas, Nevada
Multi use product! (3/30/2015)
This product is the best product if its kind and serves more than one condition. I had a break out of lice with my grand kids and their hair and mine was severely damaged from the wire combs and shampoos for lice. It occurred to me to use a curling iron or brush before I added argan and one other product here . Six weeks of misery went away in two applications. Our hair is shiny , silky and feels like satin. It is a stand alone product for sheen and keeping your hair in good shape but as you have read, it also doubles as a step in ridding problems from the scalp and hair. This is a staple. Two days vs one week...I'd call that a 10. I am a good source as I make my own soaps and customize various products for my family and friends. Buy the whole jug.

Evie - Oklahoma
5 Star! (3/7/2015)
I have a grand child who is tender headed and her hair was damaged. I had some of this and began to use it and not only did her hair have shine and bounce....two days later we could still brush her hair with much less drama. My husband loves this as well. I don't think you will be able to find a product of this nature any better than this formulation. I make my own soaps, butters, liquid soaps etc. So I'm am familiar with the ingredients. I stand solidly behind this and recommend this to those who have kids with tender heads or husbands who like a nice oil in their hair. I am planning on having a ladies pamper nite and will be trying this on African American hair as well. I don't think there will be any disappointment.

Evie - Oklahoma