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Good Product (2/24/2016)
This base preforms well! The secret is not to saturate the mix. I used witch hazel and had no problem. My only suggestion is to cut the oil content a bit. It left a ring around the tub.

Charlene - Louisiana, USA
Purchased twice (11/18/2015)
first batch crumbled into powder, So i added some white kaolin clay 5 Tablespoons Kaolin Clay to the mixture and this gives for a REALLY HARD BATH BOMB NO MATTER YOUR RECIPE ! however i think they can cut back on there oils and make it just a basic with maybe a bit of almond oil and SLSA this makes for a great bubbling agent which is true luxury in the bath you get your bubbles and your fizz all in one !!

Louisiana - New Orleans
waste of money (3/3/2015)
This powder is not good to use for making bathbombs, I let it dry for 3 days and my bathbombs still crumble right back into power. extremely disappointed, waste of time and money. back to the old fashioned way.

Kim - valparaiso,IN
disappointed (3/3/2015)
I had the same experience, let my bath bombs dry for almost 3 days. waste of money. totally crumbled back into powder!

Kim - valparaiso,IN
not a good mix (1/17/2015)
I will go back to measuring my own ingredients after using this mix. I bought 5 pounds of it and all the bath bombs I made crumbled to powder after drying for two days. Terrible.

Dorothy - California
Another Great Product! (10/14/2010)
I made bath fizzies out of the bath powder and the fizzies are a hit! My customers are love the feel of their skin after using a fizzy or two.

Brenda - Missouri
Bath Fizzies (8/29/2007)
Hi I had to wright and tell you how much I love your fizzie powder.I own a Bath & Body shop and I use your fizzie powder to make bath bombs. And WOW they come out GREAT. My coustmers just love them. Keep up the good work.

Regina - Illinois

Cotton Blossom Fizzie Bath Powder (3/10/2006)
I recently opened a bath & body shop and I have sold the Cotton Blossom off the shelves within 1 week. My daughter took a bath with the bath fizzie and used 4 oz and boy was she happy, she is a loyal customer. I sell to mostly military families and they are lovin' this product and the shower gels I have purchased.

Dana - LA