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basic lotion (11/8/2014)
i enjoyed this lotion it is thick held color and fragrance very well and stayed thick . there is no greasy fell i am going to be buying many more
thank you ebc.

tracie orwig - california
Best Lotion Base (11/27/2012)
I use this base for my face cream and my customers love it! It is my best seller. I love that is has far less ingredients than other bases I have seen. It is a plus that it has the vitamins in it. I am going to keep buying this base!

Kristen - Colorado
nice product (1/24/2010)
the price is unbelievable and the quality is terrific! fast shipping

Annette - jax, fl
Base lotion (10/5/2009)
Over an eight year period of tried many bases and many companies. The more you know, the more essentials of Catalina base makes sense. I choose this base because has less chemicals than many others. I think it is even better han paraben free, I would rather have less paraben than glycol in my products. I wish u were on this side of the states but other than that I think u make the best base ever.

Rachel - Pennsylvania
By far the best lotion ever made! (7/9/2009)
I just wanted to say how great this lotion is. It is nice & thick the way it should be. It takes fragrance very easily which is a plus for someone like me who is just starting out. And it has vitamin A and Aloe Vera which I am a huge fan of. I am so happy with this product that I refuse to try anything else from another company. This was the very first lotion that I bought and I am sticking with it and I am sticking with Essentials by Catalina too! Keep up the great work!

Jennifer - MA