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Best Seller (3/7/2016)
Everyone who tried this LOVES IT a best seller for us, even men love it. Thanks essentials for helping us grow our brand.

Bree - Louisiana
Absolutely Wonderful!! (3/5/2015)
I had to give this one a 5 star!! I ordered a sample of this moisturizing Souffle! I fell in love with this stuff that I had to order 1 gallon of it. Goes on so silky and what a wonderful moisturizer!!! Scented or not it is absolutely wonderful!!! Thanks EBC

Felicia - California
Amazing! (6/24/2012)
This is light and fluffy. Unscented Base has a very light pleasent scent. This glides on leaving your skin so smooth. Wonderful product!

Ginger - Washington/USA
Simply amazing (1/21/2011)
I ordered this and haven't worked much with bases.I mostly do soaps and body massage candles.This was awesome to say the least.There is NOT one person who tried it that didnt love it.Including men and children. I will be ordering more.Takes away alligator elbows and knees and you stay velvety soft ALL DAY! scents well and when scented with peach mango or Butt naked it is hard not to have someone take a bite of you.

Eileen - South Carolina