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Citric Acid

Citric Acid
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 Bulk Food Grade Citric Acid


Essentials by Catalina is pleased to bring you our special 99.9% pure food grade citric acid. With seemingly endless applications for health and beauty, citric acid is a must-have ingredient for producers and other entrepreneurs in the personal care industry. As manufacturers, we use our large-volume buying power to lock in industry low prices. Then we pass the savings on to you. Be sure to make Essentials by Catalina your first choice for citric acid and all other ingredients in soap-making.


Citric acid is a naturally occurring preservative used in many applications, including canning, flavoring, cleaning, and even photography development. It's found in all citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, oranges, and tangerines. As a weak organic acid, it is commonly purchased in a fine granular form and has many practical uses.

For example, as a common food additive that imparts a sour flavor, it plays a key role in the beverage industry. This ingredient is so versatile that it's also used in beer brewing and candy making. At Essentials by Catalina, we use it during the manufacturing of some of our bases as a pH adjuster.

Perfect for so many soap-making applications, it's your key to developing new products. Combine bulk citric acid with household items like corn starch and baking soda and you've got the perfect recipe for bath bombs, fizzing bath products, and even mild household cleaners.



We have been supplying bulk citric acid to most industries since 1999. From bulk body wash to wholesale bulk lotion, we move thousands of pounds annually, keeping our pricing competitive and our products fresh. Shop Essentials by Catalina for citric acid and all of your other soap-making supplies including wholesale bulk lotion, bath salts, fragrance and essential oils, as well as plastic bottles and jars. Best of all, we carry everything you need for your business at "direct from the manufacturer" prices.


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    To see how citric acid puts the "fizz" in fizzies, try this simple recipe. Combine:

    1 part baking soda
    1 part corn starch
    1/2 part citric acid

    Use this mix as a fizzy powder that can be added to bath water. To create solid fizzies, moisten the mix just enough to press it into molds, then allow it to dry.

    Be sure to check out our premixed Fizzie Bath Powder, which contains five different moisturizing oils.

    Citric Acid is sold by the Pound

    SPECIAL NOTE: This now qualifies toward free shipping!

    $3.00 per lb

    SPECIAL NOTE: This now qualifies toward free shipping!

    Please note that although our Citric Acid is of the highest Food Grade Quality we are a private label manufacturer not a food producer. The purchaser should solely determine the suitability of this product in their own application.


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