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Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail

 Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail
 Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail
 Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail
 Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail
 Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail
 Suspension Oil Base - Unscented - 5 Gallon Pail
Unit Price$237.50
Unit Equals:5 Gallon Pail- Net wt.35lbs
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Have you ever made a body scrub that looks fabulous only to find that the additives/exfoliants have sunken to the bottom a little while later?

Suspension Oil Base
s the answer to the separating scrub issue!

Is it an oil or a gel? We'll it's a little of both. It is a combination of high quality oils and vitamins that have been thickened.

In short it is:

A unique Suspending Oil Base formula that prevents solids from settling at bottom.

The product features Safflower, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Grape Seed Oils.

We have also added Vitamins A and E to help nourish and condition the skin.

This synergistic blend of skin benefiting oils, vitamins and your choice of exfoliant will result in skin that is renewed, smooth and conditioned.

We'll provide the base, you add the creativity!

An array of exfoliant options including salt, sugar, ground loofah, coffee, and pumice can easily be integrated into the base without settling. Really, the possibilities are endless!


Simple to use:

Exfoliants may be added directly to base and hand mixed. For traditional salt and sugar scrubs, use approximately 50% Suspension Oil and 50% solids. Adjust as desired for appropriate abrasiveness.

Oil soluble fragrance may be added directly the the base. Add approximately 1 fl oz. of fragrance oil to one gallon of finished product. This is approximately 1% fragrance load.

Each gallon of Base should render
two gallons or more of finished product.

Because the product is not water based coloring the product is not recommended. An alternative is to introduce exfoliants which have been pre-colored or to use naturally colored exfoliants such as the coffee pictured below.

Making body scrubs has never been easier !
Suspension Oil Base

Essentials By Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility. We encourage everyone to Sample prior to committing to larger quantities. It gives you a chance to test the product for product performance, compatibility and safety



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