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Improved Formula Multi-Function Liquid Glycerin Base

improved formula liquid glycerin

Notice Effective Date:  03/1/2014
Completion  Date:  08/01/2014

Effected Product:  
Multi-Function Liquid Glycerin Base- Product Code #0358
Multi-Function Liquid Glycerin Base - Scented and Colored - Product Code #0525

Change:  Cocamide DEA had been replaced with Cocamide DIPA

Cocamide DIPA is made from whole coconuts and offers similar viscosity characteristics as Cocamide DEA but it provides superior stability of foam. Also, Cocamide DIPA is milder on eyes and skin when compared to Cocamide DEA. Cocamide DIPA also offers a better health and safety profile since it lacks the residual diethanolamine found in other amines.


Overall we hope you will notice these improvements.