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Wholesale Lotion Base manufacturer direct

wholesale bulk lotion base and other bath and body bases

Wholesale Lotion Base Including Other Unscented
and Made to Order Custom Scented Bases

Buy Directly from the Manufacturer! Essentials by Catalina formulates, manufactures, and delivers all of these amazing lotion bases directly to you. Since 1999, we have been supplying some of the nation's largest brands, retail chains, and startups with quality wholesale lotion base and more. Many of our competitors claim to have the guaranteed, lowest price. Perhaps, but even the lowest price on substandard product is too much. If that low price lotion base doesn't appeal to your consumers, then you've been stuck with a bad "bargain" indeed.

At Essentials by Catalina, we take a much more honest approach: We guarantee 100% premium quality. We make that claim because we concentrate on quality ingredient sourcing, in-house laboratory formulation, and on-site manufacturing. So when you buy our lotion wholesale, you're going to see better results for resale. Rest assured that you are getting the finest product available at the most reasonable price possible.

Save money by purchasing all of your wholesale bulk bases, including lotion base, shower gel base, body wash base, shampoo and conditioner base, body scrub base, massage oil base, Melt and Pour Soap Base and more, direct from the manufacturer! Essentials by Catalina has it all!


Pre Filled Product

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No time to package it yourself? Try some pre-filled product here. 

Just label and go.


Scented Bulk Wholesale Bases

Scented Bulk Wholesale Bases...

Here you will find over 45 bases that can be custom blended for you.  With over 360 fragrances to choose from.


Unscented Bulk Wholesale Bases

Unscented Bulk Wholesale Bases...

Over 60 bases delivered to you unscented and uncolored, ready for your personal touch.