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PVP-K 90
Personal Car e & Cosmetic Ingredient

As Low As $30.00 Per Pound

PVP-K has uses in many industries. As adhesive in glue applications, for the production of membranes in water filters, agricultural uses are crop protection, seed treatment and coating, it is used as a thickener agent in tooth whitening gels, and in the medical industry it is used in syrups and gelatine capsules. These are just a few examples. The personal care industry also has uses for PVP-K, read on ...

Uses of PVP-K

PVP-K is a polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer that is used in hair styling applications for it's ability to form clear, hard, glossy films. Used in hairsprays, mousses, gels, styling lotions/creams, hair colorants, and novelty stylers. It is also used in body sprays to set glitter on the skin.

Some of the benefits of PVP-K include a strong stiff hold, ability to stabilize foam, excellent compatibility with acrylate thickeners, PVP-K is soluble in water and many organic solvents and it produces shine.

Things to try with PVP-Kwholesale PVP-K


Application :Hair gels- in particular wet look gels

Purpose :to give hold
Recommended percentage: 1-5% depending on formula.

Application :Hair mousses, pump sprays, liquid hair setting preparations
Purpose : to give hold
Recommended percentage:
1-5% depending on formula.

Application :Glitter Lotions with Glitter and or Mica
Purpose : To set glitter on skin when lotion is applied
Recommended percentage:
1% is sufficient.

Please read Special Notes Below when using in lotions


 Interestingly enough, this has also been used in finishing sprays for setting makeup, although we do not have a recommended percentage for this.

Your Direct Source for Wholesale PVP-K

We have been supplying PVP-K for many years now to all industries. As a personal care product manufacturer Essentials by Catalina is able use it's buying power and great vendor relationships to keep pricing competitive and the product fresh. So if where searching for the perfect PVP-K supplier, you have found the right place.

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Ingredient: PVP-k90 (polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer)
100 Percent Powder
Overall Use level 0.25 -3.0 percent solids

Special note when using PVP-K in Lotion Preparations:
It will be necessary to dissolve the powder in DI water which you should preserve . Solution should be mixed as follows.
20% PVP

79% DI or Distilled water

1% preservative.( ideally the same one already in the lotion formula)

mix until dissolved. Add into formula at 1%.

PVP-K90 is sold by the Pound

$40.00 per lb

5+ lbs $35.00/lb

10+ lbs $30.00 /lb


Testing is required for compatibility with individual bases.

As with all ingredients, we highly suggest testing in small amounts before use in a large batches and performing a skin patch test. Even though the extracts are natural, everyone's skin is different and some may experience sensitivity.


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