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Oatmeal Extract

Oatmeal Extract
Oatmeal Extract
Oatmeal Extract
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Glycerin, Avena Sativa (Oat) Meal Extract, Chlorophenesin, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Phenoxyethanol.

High Performance Extract Blends:

Historically associated with treating or improving skin or hair care challenges, or used to beneficially enhance the market appeal of your products.

With glycerin as the carrier, they are safe and effective for external use and may be added seamlessly to all emulsions, gels, sprays, cosmetics, skin and hair care, bath and body, household and pet products. They can be used as a single extract in a product or blended to suit your specific needs.

Due to the proprietary extraction process, which allows for the isolation and separation of all the beneficial constituents without any of the undesirable by-products, high performance extract blends contain more of the great qualities you desire in an extract, such as low-color, low-odor and cost effective pricing as well as a consisted lot quality you can count on from lot to lot.


Oatmeal Extract is especially beneficial for those with dry itchy skin and/or scalp, but is actually recommended for all hair and skin types and is even mild enough for children. Oatmeal contains compounds known as Avenanthramides which are polyphenols . Polyphenols reduce inflammation and are greatly beneficial used in balms and poultice for poison ivy and chicken pox. While the soothing properties of oatmeal are well known today, the use and benefits reach as far back as 7000 BCE where it is mentioned in ancient Chinese text.

Why do we prefer extracts in liquid form? They are easy to use in bases and do not normally require heating to be properly mixed in. Many customers have expressed frustration when attempting to incorporate extract powders into viscous formulations due to issues with powders not fully dissolving. Our goal is to keep this as easy and enjoyable as possible!


 Just about anything that is applied to skin: milk baths, scrubs, shampoo, etc.  Oatmeal is even good for use in pet products.


Recommended Levels:

0.2% - 2.0% for haircare

1.0% - 5.0% for skincare.


Please be aware that people who are sensitive to grains run the risk of allergic reaction.  We highly recommend conducting patch tests when using any natural extract and essential oil.

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