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Shipping and Tracking

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  • Q: Is your question not answered here?

    A: If your question is not answered here then contact us via:

    Telephone: (951)674-4444
    Essentials by Catalina LiveHelp: Connect with a Live representative or available on right sidebar.
    Contact Us Form: Available in the top navigation bar or by clicking here

  • Q: What are Essentials by Catalina's business hours?

    A: Monday - Thursday
    10:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST

  • Q: What if an item that was ordered is out of stock?

    A: We make every attempt to ship completed orders. If an item is out stock and we do not expect to restock the item within two days we will contact you via email or phone and give the choice of putting the out of stock item on back-order or just remove it from your order. We will not charge you for the out of stock item and if a shipping reduction is needed it will be issued. If the out of stock item is expected to restock within two days we will hold your order and ship it complete once the item restocks.

  • Q: How can a sample of a product be ordered?

    A: Product samples can be ordered from the product description pages by clicking the Need Samples? button like the one pictured below.

    Keep in mind that we do not offer samples for all items. For example, bath accessory and fragrance samples are not available. Unfortunately, cost prevents us from sending free samples as we get thousands of requests per year. We do not accept returns on samples.

  • Q: Is credit card information kept?

    A: No. Credit card information is deleted once your order is processed. You will have to enter credit card information with every checkout. General customer information is stored in our system to make it easier for you to reorder.

Shipping and Tracking

  • Q: Does Essentials by Catalina ship to Canada?

    A: Yes we do ship to Canada but only via UPS. 

  • Q: How long does it take to ship an order?

    A: Usually all orders received by 1:00 PM PST will ship the same or next day. Please allow 1-2 days for scented products to be shipped. Although, it is not unusual for scented products to be shipped the same day the order is received; this depends on the order level and availability. Please note:  Allow 3 business days processing time during our busy season - Busy Season: September 1st thru December 25th. Our Business days are Monday - Thursday.

    Transit Time

  • Q: Can an order be shipped via USPS?

    A: Yes we can, only if you are shipping within the United States.

    The website will only calculate UPS shipping. Please place your order by calling (951)-674-4444 or by connecting with a live representative.

    USPS shipping will be calculated based on actual USPS charges; we do not charge a handling fee.

    We cannot ship internationally using USPS.

  • Q: May an order be picked-up to save on shipping?

    A: Yes. You are welcome to pick-up your order, although, we need approximately 24 hours notice for will call. It is a good idea to place your order ahead of time. Our pick-up hours are Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Always call ahead of time to make sure there was no delay in preparing your order.


    Essentials By Catalina
    12781 Temescal Canyon Rd,
    Corona CA 92883

  • Q: Is a handling fee or any other fee charged?

    A: None at all. We only charge for actual product and actual shipping cost.

  • Q: How can an order be tracked?

    A: To track an order:

    Visit the My Account page found on the top navigation bar.

    Then, under the section click on either the UPS Tracking and enter the tracking number sent via email or click on Review previous Orders to locate the order and click Yes under the the Track column.

Bottles and Containers

  • Q: Can more or less of a product be ordered than what is listed on the quantity selection?

    A: All of our bottles are sold in increments of 50 with 50 being the minimum. Arrangements can be made if you wish to order more than the amount listed on the product; to do so call us at our offices at (951)674-4444 or talk to a representative via the LiveHelp feature found on right sidebar. Our products are quantity priced meaning the larger the quantity the more the savings.

  • Q: Can bottles/containers be ordered with mixed color caps/sprayers?

    A: Most of the bottles and containers allow you to select a mixture feature when selecting the cap or sprayer from the drop-down list. This type of option comes with a random mix. If specific colors and quantities are required then please place your order via phone by calling (951)674-4444 or by using our LiveHelp chat feature found on the right sidebar.


  • Q: Where is a product's MSDS found?

    A: A MSDS of a base can be found in the Attachments tab located on the corresponding base's informational page.

    The Attachments tab is highlighted in blue above.

  • Q: Are larger discounts available for bases?

    A: Quantity discounts are automatically calculated when adding a product to your shopping cart. Additional substantial quantity discounts are offered that are not listed on the website; this includes quantities of 96, 300, 550, or more gallons. Arrangements can be made if you wish to order more than the amount listed on the product; to do this call us at our offices at (951)674-4444 or talk to a representative via the LiveHelp feature found on right sidebar.

  • Q: How can product (lotions, shower gels, etc) be put into smaller containers/bottles?

    A: The best and easiest way to pump a base into small bottles manually is to use a Heavy Duty Gallon Pump. The pump is conveniently available by clicking here. The pump is sold individually for $3.25 and will fit any standard gallon container with a 28mm neck finish.

  • Q: Can a base be ordered with just color added and no fragrance or just fragrance and no color?

    A: Yes! All scented and colored is custom blended when you place your order.

    To place a custom base order please call us at our offices at (951)674-4444 or talk to a representative via the LiveHelp feature found on right sidebar. The cost is the same if the base is ordered scented and colored, just scented, or just colored.

  • Q: Can a base be ordered in containers other than gallons?

    A: All bases are available in 55 gallon drums. There is a 2 drum minimum and a $20.00 deposit for each drum. The price per gallon of bases is greatly reduced when ordered in drums; the same price reduction is not applied if the same quantity of base is purchased in gallons.

    Please keep in mind that a forklift is required upon delivery as the drum weight could exceed 500 pounds. In addition a pump system is likely to be required to extract the base from the drum.

    For more information call (951)674-4444, connect with a live representative, or visit our Contact Us page.