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Bulk Bath Sea Salts - Unscented

Bulk Bath Sea Salts - Unscented
Bulk Bath Sea Salts - Unscented
Bulk Bath Sea Salts - Unscented
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Your are viewing the Unscented Bulk Sea Salts - Also available Scented by clicking

About Sea Salts
Salt baths are a centuries-old ritual used to heal and balance. Salts are said to draw toxins out of the body, nourish the skin with minerals, remove, impurities from the skin, help relieve stress, melt away tension and soothe aching muscles and pains. Bath salts are a simple and delightful way to add valuable important trace minerals to to the bath water such as magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium while softening the water and gently cleansing the skin. Bath Salts is the ultimate bathing ritual to pamper the body, mind and spirit at home.

How the salt is made
Solar salt is produced through the natural evaporation of sea water and naturally occurring brine. Salt water is captured in shallow ponds and allowed to evaporate by means of the sun and wind. During the process, a salt bed forms on the bottom of the pond. The salt is harvested, washed, screened and packaged. The typical solar "crop” takes from one to five years to produce.


Available Grains and Characteristics:

Characteristics: Natural White, Perfect for scenting and coloring, High Mineral Content, low moisture.

Applications: Aromatherapy, Potpourri and simmering,Bath Salts and Salt Scrubs as used in many European health spa treatments.

Please Note: Sea salts grains below are typical representation of grain sizes. Keep in mind that sea salts are formed by a natural crystallization process and that we cannot control mother nature's ability to determine crystal grain sizes. Our salt manufacturer does filter the grains through different size sieves, the salt is then packaged in large bins for shipment. Salts are fragile and will change in size during transport and handling, therefore expect a wide range in size with salt dust also present. Typically the salt grains on top of a master shipment is larger than the grains on the bottom of a master shipment due to it's own weight. The bottom line- use the grain sizes below only as a general rule and not the absolute size.

Available Grains:
Fine: (0-1mm) about twice the size of standard table salt, perfect for salts scrubs or as an additive to larger bath salts.

Medium: (1-2mm) about the size of a grain of rice (see picture) perfect consistency. Smaller than the standard bath salt, but takes color extremely uniformly and looks great packaged, in addition it dissolves very well.

Coarse:Our Most popular! (typical 2-9mm) larger than a grain of rice, smaller than a pencil eraser. Although it is typically 2-9mm it contains grains that are smaller and some that are larger, with random grains up to 1"

Extra Large Coarse: (3-12mm) This is a specialty salt used only to accent bath salt mixes. Grains are inconsistent with some pieces being as large as large a 2"

Sea Mix: These salts are a mixture of Fine, Medium and Coarse grains.

History of salt
Salt is so simple and plentiful that we almost take it for granted.

In chemical terms, salt is the combination of a sodium ion with a chloride ion, making it one of the most basic molecules on earth. It's also one of the most plentiful: it has been estimated that salt deposits under the state of Kansas alone could supply the entire world's salt needs for the next 250,000 years.

But salt is also an essential element. Life itself would be impossible without it, since the human body requires salt in order to function properly. The concentration of sodium ions in the blood is directly related to the regulation of safe body fluid levels.

Salt has a long and influential role in world history. From the dawn of civilization, salt has been a key factor in Economic, religious, social and political development. In every part of the world, salt has been the subject of superstition, folklore, and warfare, it has even been used as currency.

Technical data and Analysis
These solar dried Sea Salts contain no known allergens, and exhibit no microbiological activity. These salts are natural sea salts, they may contain small discolored or black particles. These particles are naturally occurring in salts. We do not bleach or color treat natural sea salts.

Sea Salt Grain
Typical %
Sodium Chloride
Min: 75.310
Max: 75.500
Water Insolubles
Min: 0.01
Max: 0.02
Calcium & Magnesium (as CA)

Min: 0.05
Max: 0.10

Copper in PPM

Sulfate (as SO4)
max : 0.08
Iron (as Fe)in PPM
max: 2.0
Bromide (as Br)
Min: 0.02
Max: 0.05
Potassium Chloride (as KCI)
Min: 15.20
Max: 22.50

Medium and Coarse
Typical %
Sodium Chloride
Min: 93.400
Max: 96.879
Potassium Chloride
Min: 5.20
Max: 6.10
Water Insolubles
Min: 0.01
Max: 0.15

Min: 0.041
Max: 0.050

Min: 0.042
Max: 0.050
Min: 0.050
Max: 0.080

Sold in bulk Unscented 10lb increments

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Essentials By Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility. We encourage everyone to Sample prior to committing to larger quantities. It gives you a chance to test product for product performance, compatibility and safety.

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